Frequently Asked Questions

To save you valuable time, we have put together this list of the most frequently asked questions. Of course if you would prefer to talk to a live representative then fill in the contact form below & we will respond as quickly as possible.
Why puvuq?
puvuq” has no special meaning. This is a short name that allows, thanks to his spelling, a horizontal spinning effect to illustrate a brewing of participations before extracting a winner! You just need to collect puvuq points and redeem them for participation tickets to our sweepstakes.
For your information, know that,, and redirects to
Good luck to all!

How to register and start participating?
Just click here or a social button below and start participating in seconds.
Can I buy puvuq points and/or participation tickets?
NO, you can not buy puvuq points neither participation tickets. You must earn your points in order to redeem them for participation tickets. For more informations, visit this page to know how to earn more puvuq points or visit our shop to be rewarded with puvuq points for each purchase made.
How can I check my puvuq points activity?
Visit your “My account” section to see your “Points History” => direct link.
Where can I view my participation in the sweepstakes?
Visit your “My account” section to see your “Participations History” => direct link.
How can I be sure to receive all emails from
Please, visit this page to read instructions.

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