Video Game  

Value of a participation ticket:

49 Pts 39 Pts

You save: 10 Pts (-20.41%)
WARNING! Ticket value will rise in:

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Details of the sweepstake:

Sweepstake starts: December 12, 2018
Sweepstake ends: The draw will be triggered automatically when all tickets have been distributed. (To trigger this draw faster, invite all your friends to participate as well, you will earn extra points! ;)). For legal reasons, we must state and indicate a deadline: (December 1, 2019 12:00 am, Timezone: UTC)
This sweepstake is limited to 35000 tickets. (7000 tickets max. per person.)

Tickets already distributed: 8157 / 35000
0 100%

There will be only 1 winner for this sweepstake!

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Video Game  
Value of a participation ticket:

49 Pts 39 Pts

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